American Fence Company of Rapid City, SD: History and Reputation in the Fencing Industry

For 55+ years, American Fence Company has provided architects, homeowners, engineers, and other fence contractors with the best Rapid City fence installation and the highest order of Rapid City fence materials. Our many decades of success and status as Rapid City’s top fence contractor puts us above the competition.

Rapid City’s Top Fence Company: We’re in Your Backyard

American Fence Company of Rapid City services a broad range of market, so our inventory of fence materials has to be exceptionally large. Our branch proudly serves western South Dakota, North Dakota, eastern Montana and most of Wyoming.

Rapid City Fencing for Everyone

Due to the multiple types of Rapid City fencing in demand, we proudly maintain our status as Rapid City’s top fence contractor by offering four different fencing services: residential contracting, commercial contracting, gate access control and material sales. No matter what kind of fence — or fence materials — you need for your project, we can help, and we can do it better than anyone else in the local market.

Largest Fence Materials Inventory in the Midwest

With an inventory encompassing 18+ acres of fence materials — vinyl, wood, ornamental steel, etc. — in locations across the Midwest, we have all the necessary materials to realize any Rapid City fence project. Our inventory of fencing materials includes wood, vinyl, chain link and ornamental, as well as all the materials needed for high security barbed wire fencing, k-rated vehicle restraints, automated gates and more. We also sell wholesale to anyone confident enough to install their Rapid City fence themselves.

Safe and Efficient Rapid City Fence Installation

Safety and efficiency are paramount in American Fence Company’s Rapid City fence installation projects.

  1. Safety Measures: Our Rapid City fence installers adhere to strict safety standards, including the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety vests, glasses, gloves, and boots. Our commitment to safety is reflected in our Experience Modification Rate of 0.73.
  2. Certification Program: Our installation staff undergoes comprehensive training covering various aspects of fence building, welding, post setting, fastener installation, gate construction, and accessory handling for different fence types.
  3. Professional Expertise: Our Rapid City fence installation experts are not just employees; they are dedicated professionals passionate about their craft and committed to delivering exceptional results.
  4. Top-notch Equipment: American Fence Company of Rapid City employs state-of-the-art fence installation equipment, maintaining it in peak condition through an in-house team of mechanics.
  5. Installation Process: Each fence project is assigned a unique project number, with our staff performing survey fieldwork if requested. Public utility locates are called, the job site is staked out by our superintendent, and posts are set before generating an as-built and material list. Materials are then procured, fabricated, and packaged, and our skilled installation crew proceeds to build your fence.
  6. E-Verification: All our fence installation employees, working for Rapid City’s top fence contractor, are e-verified and authorized to work in the United States.