Commercial Gates in Rapid City

Gate Longevity

Our gates are meticulously crafted for longevity, using premium materials. As the foremost gate contractor in Rapid City, we assure you that your investment is worthwhile, ensuring your gate stands the test of time and continues safeguarding your property for years to come.

Gate Customization

Leveraging the expertise of our CAD designers and skilled fabrication welders, we have the capability to construct a wide array of gates in Rapid City – from swing gates and rolling gates to cantilever gates – tailored to your unique design preferences.

Rapid City Security Gates

Rapid City security gates offer the advantage of controlling access to your property according to your specified times and criteria, significantly enhancing security measures.

Gates in Rapid City Gallery

Gates in Rapid City

As the premier gate contractor in the metropolitan area, American Fence Company annually constructs over 3,000 gates, each tailored to our customers’ distinct requirements. With certified welders at 8 fabrication facilities and a team of Computer-Aided Designers, we possess the tools and expertise to bring any Rapid City gate concept to life. Whether you need a chain-link gate for backyard access or a sophisticated custom gate for enhanced property aesthetics and security, we can deliver precisely what you envision. Our portfolio includes diverse projects, from 100-foot slide gates at local airports to elegant 4,000-pound ornamental swing gates at the governor’s mansion. The range of Rapid City gate projects we can handle is virtually limitless.

American Fence Company of Rapid City has successfully completed a myriad of residential and commercial gate projects, reaching from the heart of Yellowstone National Forest to the base of the Grand Canyon. We have secured nuclear power plants, military bases, and undisclosed top-secret facilities.

Gates in Rapid City FAQ

What types of gates does American Fence Company of Rapid City offer?

As the number one gate contractor in Rapid City, we design, build, and install gates of all kinds, which have their own applications and uses. Read through America’s Gate Company’s guide on how to select your gate for more assistance and information.

Cantilever Gates

Commonly known as “sliding” gates, these gates are supported by rollers attached to large gate posts, eliminating ground contact. Suitable for various fencing types, they may resemble Estate swing gates or feature vinyl or wood coverings. Check out America’s Gate Company’s in-depth guide on how to select your cantilever gate.

Double Swing

Incorporating two leaves to cover larger openings, these gates are ideal for chain link, vinyl, wood, and ornamental steel fences. Often used for driveway entrances, estate gates can be automated for controlled access.

Single swing

Also known as “walk” gates, these gates can be constructed in various widths, from 3′ to over 100′, depending on the material and purpose. Suitable for self-closing and latching, they can be automated for driveway access.

Rolling Gates

Less common “sliding” gates that require front wheels and a pipe track, suitable for limited storage space.

Overhead Track Gates

Typically used in high-security or industrial settings, these gates utilize an I-beam or bar truss system running overhead.

Vertical Lift Gates

Suited for industrial applications where no storage space is available on either side of the gate opening.

Vertical Pivot Gates

Popular for sites lacking space for a slide gate, these gates are affordable and automatic, suitable for areas with considerable snowfall.

What considerations are essential when choosing a gate?

When selecting a gate, several factors should be considered:

  • Obstructions: Ensure there are no obstructions in the gate’s travel path, and assess potential interference with oncoming or parked vehicles.
  • Proximity to Roadways: Consider traffic flow and potential traffic jams or accidents caused by the gate or its operation.
  • Adjoining Elevations: Evaluate ground elevation changes under the gate’s travel path.
  • Wind Load: Confirm if the gate is designed to withstand high winds structurally.
  • Local Codes: Verify compliance with local building codes and regulations.
  • Overhead Obstructions: Ensure the gate allows clearance for semi-truck traffic under any overhead structures.

For further information, explore America’s Gate Company for comprehensive insights into gate selection. As the top gate company in Rapid City, we are here to address all your gate-related queries.

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