Commercial Chain Link Fences in Rapid City

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Secure your commercial property affordably with Rapid City chain link fences, available in classic galvanized or sleek black forms. These fences provide an effective barrier against intruders, ensuring the safety of your property.

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Whether you need a classic galvanized or a modern black vinyl-coated chain link fence for your commercial property in Rapid City, American Fence Company has it all. Stocking and installing commercial chain link products in various heights and styles, we offer flexibility and reliability to meet your specific requirements.

Chain Link Fences in Rapid City Gallery

American Fence Company is the largest supplier of chain link wire, materials, posts, etc. in Rapid City and the surrounding communities in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming, with access to 18+ acres of inventory. We carry 12 different chain link heights, two colors and a variety of gauges — so the options regarding the number of chain link fences we can create for your commercial property are virtually endless. In the past, chain link fences in Rapid City only came in galvanized form and were considered the only fence widely used due to its ability to keep pets and children in yards. However, with the introduction of the vinyl coated chain link, selections have expanded and diversified. Whether it is traditional galvanized or black vinyl, we have the right chain link fence materials and employ the skilled installers who can get the job done and get it done right!

Commercial Chain Link Fences in Rapid City, South Dakota FAQ

What criteria should I consider for commercial chain link fabric?

When selecting chain link fabric for commercial fences in Rapid City, consider the following criteria:

  • Mesh Size: Opt for 2″ mesh for commercial chain link fences. Smaller mesh sizes are suitable for high-security applications.
  • Wire Gauge: Choose nothing less than 9 gauge for commercial fencing. Vinyl-coated wire should be assessed by the core gauge.
  • Core Wire Coating: Consider galvanized before weaving, galvanized after weaving, aluminized coating, or vinyl coating over finished core wire.

How do I select commercial fence framework with American Fence Company?

Refer to the provided table for selecting your commercial fence framework based on gauge and outside diameter of the pipe. ASTM 1043 can guide you in choosing the grade of materials for your specific application and height.

Are all chain link fences in Rapid City the same?

Chain link fences include chain link fabric, framework, fittings, and gates. The key difference lies in how these components are combined. American Fence Company adheres to ASTM recommendations, offering various gauges and protective coatings. Galvanized, vinyl, and polyester color coatings enhance appeal and provide protection against rust and corrosion.