Residential Railings in Rapid City

Railing Adornments


As the premier fence contractor in Rapids City, we present an extensive array of adornments for our residential railings. From medallions and globes to scepters and scrolls, choose from our diverse selection to ensure your railings stand out and make a statement in your neighborhood.

Custom Made Residential Railings in Rapid City


Explore the pinnacle of custom metal fabrication services with American Fence Company. Our skilled team, coupled with state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, empowers you to create a truly unique and precisely tailored railing for your home—a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Accent for Residential Railings in Rapid City


Our ornate handrails serve as the perfect complement or contrast to your window frames or siding, adding an attractive and distinctive touch to your residential space.

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Rapid City Residential Railings Overview

While scrolls, scepters, spears, globes, medallions, and rosettes play a crucial role in crafting beautiful residential railings, the key lies in selecting an experienced fence contractor in Rapids City for the fabrication and assembly process. With over 55 years of expertise, American Fence Company of Rapids City excels in shaping vinyl and iron, delivering thousands of impressive and ornate railings.

The Growing Popularity of Custom Iron Handrails in Rapids City and nearby communities in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming, custom iron handrails from American Fence Company continue to gain popularity as stylish adornments for homes. Additionally, our vinyl handrails offer elegant accents that seamlessly match window frames and siding, requiring minimal maintenance.


Residential Railings in Rapid City FAQ

When is it necessary to install railings for my residence?

Refer to local codes and authorities, as guard railings are typically required for decks, patios, stairs, and surfaces with drop-offs exceeding thirty inches.

What are the requirements for residential railings in Rapids City?

Generally, local codes mandate heights of 36” for residential and 42” for commercial and multi-family properties, with a maximum opening of 4” throughout the railing system. Codes also govern load-bearing capacity, ensuring railings remain secure.

What about stair railing requirements in Rapids City?

Stair railings must meet guard railing requirements and include a grab rail. Specific dimensions and profiles apply, with variations based on stair width, commercial settings, and handicap accessibility.


American Fence Company of Rapids City offers a comprehensive customization process:

  1. Design: Choose from catalogs, websites, and CAD drawings to create your dream railing.
  2. Field Review: Our professionals conduct a thorough on-site review to ensure accurate fabrication.
  3. Fabrication: Our five certified welders build your railing to the highest standards, following AWS D1.1 guidelines.
  4. Color Selection: Select from a vast range of color samples and paint applications, including HVLP, Electro-Static, Powder Coating, and Galvanizing.

With over 50 years of experience, we stand as the leading fence contractor in Rapid City, South Dakota. Count on us for quality products, timely installations, and your complete satisfaction.