Commercial High Security in Rapid City

Turnkey Installation

As the leading security fence contractor in Rapid City, serving South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana, and beyond, we offer turnkey solutions encompassing security gates, operators, and essential access control devices. Our experienced contractors collaborate to ensure a seamless integration of all components.

Industrial Materials

For our high-security solutions in Rapid City, American Fence Company exclusively employs the sturdiest and most reliable materials for security fences. This commitment ensures the durability and effectiveness of our security infrastructure.

Variety of Solutions

From sophisticated high-security gates with intricate access configurations to advanced vehicle barrier systems and chain-link fences equipped with concertina wire, we possess the expertise and equipment for installing high-security measures that enhance privacy and safety at your commercial facility.

High Security in Rapid City Gallery

Rapid City High Security Solutions

With over 55 years in operation, American Fence Company has installed more than 70,000 feet of razor wire. Renowned as an experienced high-security fencing, gate, barrier, and razor wire contractor, we have contributed to projects at major military bases, nuclear power plants, correctional facilities, courthouses, and airports. Our extensive portfolio demonstrates our commitment to providing top-tier security solutions.

High Security in Rapid City FAQ

What services does American Fence Company offer for high-security fences in Rapid City, SD?

American Fence Company not only specializes in security fence installation but also offers expert design assistance. With a track record that includes servicing nuclear power stations, data centers, prisons, and airports, our highly experienced design personnel are ready to assist you in planning and product installation.

  • Field Installation: As the city’s sole certified security installers, we boast over 200,000 running feet of installed razor wire. With 35+ skilled installation crews, we efficiently build Rapid City security fences.
  • Maintenance: Our team includes a full-time gate operator repair person, ensuring timely and effective service for automated gates. We maintain the Midwest’s largest inventory of gate operator parts.
  • CAD: Our seasoned CAD designers create detailed illustrations of your high-security fence and gate design.
  • Specialty Fabrication: Equipped with certified welders and a 10,000-square-foot fabrication shop, we can fabricate crash barriers, sallyport systems, grenade barriers, shooting stations, explosion deterrents, and more.

What is available today in the Rapid City high-security industry?

Since September 11, 2001, the high-security industry has evolved significantly, particularly in fencing, gates, access control, fixed barriers, and cable restraint. Numerous options are available to secure your property. Here are some popular installations used today:

  • Vehicle Barriers: Classified as passive or active, movable or fixed, these barriers include options like barricades, gates, and active tire shredders.
  • Cable Restraint Systems: Utilizing ¾” to 1 ¼” diameter cables to capture and stop vehicles, these systems can be certified or uncertified.
  • Hydraulic Crash Bollards: Ground-level steel bollards that rise in under three seconds to halt fast-moving vehicular threats.
  • Hydraulic Pop-Up Barriers: Large immovable barriers that rise quickly to divert fast-moving vehicular threats.
  • Barrier Arm Gates: Featuring a large tubular steel boom with a cable assembly, these gates are designed to stop fast-moving vehicular threats.
  • Crash Barrier Cantilever Gates: Suitable for airports, these gates prevent foot traffic and vehicular threats traveling at excessive speeds.
  • High Security Prison Gates: Utilizing the Plus System, a leading overhead track fully enclosed gate system for correctional facilities.
  • Concertina Wire: A severe form of razor wire used for security applications at correctional facilities and nuclear power plants.

Who do I talk to about high-security fencing, gate, and barrier requirements?

For public facilities, contact your primary agency for specifications and requirements, as public high-security applications are often governed by specific regulations. If uncertain, we can provide assistance.

For private institutions or those aware of their requirements, contact any of our service centers for design and materials assistance. With over 55 years of securing federal buildings, prisons, nuclear power plants, and airports, American Fence Company is the premier choice.

Can I count on American Fence Company of Rapid City for a turnkey installation?

Absolutely. With extensive experience, knowledge, and leadership, we collaborate with all construction trades to ensure a comprehensive installation. From providing automated gate operators, gates, and access control devices to coordinating with contractors for electrical, telephone, communications, and site work, we deliver turnkey solutions for your security needs.