Best in Class Wood Fencing in Rapid City

Affordable Wood Fencing

For affordable and exceptional wood fencing in Rapids City, look no further than American Fence Company. Our selection of uncommon and unmatched grades of wood allows us to craft beautiful fences that not only secure your residential property but also enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Wide Fence Material Selection

Choose from a wide range of wood fence options at American Fence Company. We source materials from various tree species, including Incense Cedar, White Fir, White Pine, Douglas Fir, and Western Red Cedar. Our vast inventory ensures that we can create the ideal fence you have in mind.

Expert Fence Installation in Rapid City

With over 55 years of experience, our expert fence installers in Rapids City understand that building the perfect fence is an art. Our trained staff is skilled in constructing wood fences of all kinds, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality.

Here at the number one fence contractor in Rapid City, we source fence materials from only the highest quality pine, fir, and cedar trees. Having access to the largest inventory of fencing supplies in the Midwest, we can put together the fence you’re thinking of.

Residential Wood Fencing in Rapid City FAQ

Is cedar still my best choice for wood fencing in Rapid City, SD?

Due to reduced availability of old growth cedar, other species like white fir, incense cedar, and Douglas fir are becoming popular choices. These species offer greater longevity as they are harvested from heartwood.

Should I stain my Douglas fir or cedar wood fence?

Staining is recommended within six weeks of installation to preserve the color. Professional staining contractors should be hired for the process, ensuring a neat application on calm, dry days.

What is the difference between sapwood and heartwood?

Sapwood is the outer, working part of the tree with higher moisture content, while heartwood is the inner, darker, and stronger section. Heartwood is preferred for fence materials due to its lower moisture content.

Should I use cedar or treated pine fence posts?

Both cedar and treated pine posts work well, but treated pine posts may exhibit thin cracks and twists. Cedar posts are less prone to cracks and twists but may gray if left unstained.

Are treated fence materials safe around family and pets?

Use only industry-approved ACQ-treated wood fence posts, avoiding CCA materials. Check for tags at the end of the post to verify the treatment.

What about wood gates in Rapids City, SD?

For wood gates, American Fence Company recommends heavy-duty 4″ x 6″ fence posts on the hinge side with powder-coated hardware for rust resistance.

Will there be maintenance issues with my wood gates in Rapids City?

Wood gates may experience shifts over time due to weather conditions. Consider four-way adjustable hinges to accommodate changes in gate posts.

How do I fix my wood gates?

Adjustments may be needed for latches that use horizontal rods. Consult our gate experts for advice on installing four-way adjustable hinges.

What nails do I need for my wood fence in Rapids City?

American Fence Company recommends galvanized or aluminized nails that are counter-sunk to prevent popping out.