Commercial Ornamental Fences in Rapid City

Appealing Fence Designs


Enhance the aesthetic of your commercial property in Rapid City with our ornamental fences, providing a classical and sophisticated look. Beyond curb appeal, ornamental fencing has the potential to elevate property value.

Prefabricated Ornamental Fences


Explore our exclusive line of prefabricated ornamental fencing, American Ornamental, at American Fence Company. These fences are meticulously crafted for efficiency and are designed to endure over time, backed by a reliable warranty.

Long Lasting Ornamental Fences


The efficiency of our prefabricated ornamental fences in Rapid City lies in their exceptional resilience to rust and corrosion. With a commitment to longevity, these fences are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring a lasting and reliable solution.

Multiple Fence Options


Choose from a variety of prefabricated ornamental iron panels, available in flat top and spear top options at heights of 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′.

Ornamental Fences in Rapid City, South Dakota Gallery


Seeking proven prefabricated ornamental fencing to enhance the security and allure of your Rapid City commercial property? Look no further than American Fence Company, the leading fence contractor in Rapid City. Our exclusive line, American Ornamental, offers a choice between flat top and spear top designs, allowing your ornamental fence to become a distinctive element reflecting your personal style. Customers trust our high-quality installations that stand the test of time.

Ornamental Fences in Rapid City FAQ

Does American Fence Company provide a warranty on prefabricated ornamental iron fences?

As the top fence contractor in the metropolitan area, including [insert markets], etc., our American Ornamental products come with a 10-20 year warranty against cracking, chipping, and undue fading.

Will ornamental fences in Rapid City chip, peel, rust, or fade?

Concerns about chipping, peeling, rusting, and fading are addressed with our ornamental fences. Galvanized, powder coated, and E-coated, our fences offer robust protection against rust and corrosion. Field welding, if necessary, is approached with care to preserve the finish.

Is field welding acceptable for ornamental fences in Rapid City, South Dakota?

Field welding should only be done when absolutely necessary. American Fence Company advocates for shop fabrication with bolt-on connections to posts, avoiding the risk of rusting. Field welds can compromise the powder-coated finish and require the manufacturer’s touch-up system.

Are ornamental fence posts in Rapid City set in concrete?

Yes, all posts are set in wet mix concrete to ensure stability and longevity. Dry mix with water added later is not acceptable, ensuring consistent and reliable concrete placement.