Commercial Sports Fences in Rapid City

Sports-Grade Fence Materials


For over 50 years, American Fence Company has been a trusted provider of sports fencing installations. Recognizing the unique requirements of sports facilities, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of materials suitable for various applications, including baseball fences, backstops, tennis court fences, and more.

Multiple Applications for Sports Fencing in Rapid City


Our skilled sports fence installation experts in Rapid City are equipped to handle diverse requirements. Whether you’re in need of a backstop for a baseball field, a tennis court fence with smaller mesh, or a chain link fence with security screening, we have the expertise to fulfill your specifications.

Aquatic Safety


In areas around pools and water parks, security is paramount, and adherence to safety codes is crucial. American Fence Company provides access to code-compliant materials necessary for sports fencing around aquatic features in Rapid City, ensuring a secure and compliant solution.

Sports Fencing in Rapid City Gallery

No matter the type of sports fencing you require—be it for a baseball field, basketball court, backstop, aquatic park, or waterpark—our seasoned sports fencing experts in Rapid City are ready to assist. With a rich history of installations, including baseball fences for league fields, our team combines over 50 years of estimating and Computer-Aided Design expertise to bring your project to fruition.

Sports Fencing in Rapid City FAQ

What types of sports fences are suitable for recreational purposes?

The choice depends on the specific goals you aim to achieve. Chain link sports fences have been a standard for ballfields, offering durability, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. We recommend GBW chain link fabric for its smooth texture, minimizing the risk of cuts for athletes and spectators. The Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI) provides a valuable tool for selecting post diameters and wall thicknesses based on factors like wind loads, site obstructions, and material density.

Vinyl coated chain link fencing provides an attractive alternative, allowing for color customization such as light green, dark green, black, and brown.

What other types of sports fencing in Rapid City are suitable for recreational use?

Vinyl fencing and ornamental fencing are commonly used around swimming pools to enhance security and curb appeal. BOCA code mandates specific requirements for public swimming pools, including a maximum 4″ gap along the fence and a minimum height of 6′.

Woven and welded wire mesh systems, initially designed for agricultural purposes, offer an aesthetic alternative to chain link. Powder-coated in various colors, these systems are popular for swimming pools and aquatic centers due to their small openings that discourage climbing and passage through debris.

With a diverse range of styles available, American Fence Company, as the top fence contractor in the city and surrounding South Dakota communities, can help you select a sports fencing style that not only complies with city codes but also suits your specific needs.