Temporary Fencing in Rapid City, South Dakota

When it comes to perimeter security, traditional fencing—the kind with posts dug into the ground and set in place with cement (the kind, in other words, meant for permanent installation)—isn’t necessarily feasible for everyone. Obviously, homeowners need time-tested, set-in-ground barriers to mark boundaries, keep out intruders, and contain children and pets. Businesses likewise need fences to distinguish their lots and protect outdoor equipment. However, other clients only need fencing on a short-term basis. In point of fact, some clients need temporary fences that can be easily configured and reconfigured on short notice.

Don’t click away if you need temporary fencing in Rapid City, South Dakota. American Fence Company, the city’s #1 contractor in the industry, manages several divisions in related fields: gates, playgrounds, custom metals, architectural screening, etc. Another division of ours specializes in rental fencing: the ultimate temp security solution.

Who needs rental fencing?

While security is a common need for businesses and organizations across the city, the state, and the nation, not all entities require security 24/7 or in permanent configurations. Customers who pack up and move their operations on even a semi-frequent basis—or those who must continually reshape their layouts—are the top customers for temporary fencing. Such clients include:

  • Construction companies. By the very nature of their business, construction contractors take their crews and their security needs from one job site to another. Sites must be protected until the job is complete. And once the finished project stands, the fences must come down for transportation to the next job site.
  • Public event managers. If you manage parades, golf tournaments, carnivals, concerts, or some other form of temporary public event, you know crowd control is essential. With temporary fencing, you can not only safeguard perimeters but even arrange your fence panels to mark designated pathways for pedestrians and even vehicles to take.
  • Disaster relief organizations. As areas stricken by natural disasters (hurricanes, twisters, flooding, etc.) recover, disaster relief groups (visiting and local) must change the size of their zones. Reconfigurable temp fencing allows them to mark their perimeters.

Rent and Buy Temporary Fencing in Rapid City, South Dakota

Given that temporary fencing is only needed sporadically by most users, it makes sense to have the option of either purchasing or renting panels. American Rental Fence of Rapid City, SD provides this choice to all our customers. Clients who only plan on using their panels once will obviously prefer to rent. Those who manage numerous events throughout the year will get more return on investment by purchasing and owning their own set of rental fence materials.

Calculate Your Temporary Fence Materials Online in Minutes

Now, how much temp fencing do you need for a particular job? Rather than do the math yourself, allow our free-to-use online calculator to handle it! You can draw your fence outline on a blank canvas if you already know the job site measurements. Or you can look up the address and draw on a Google Maps view of your property. From here, our tool calculates everything you need. And it’s all—once again—free to use!

Get in touch with American Fence Rental of Rapid City, SD for all your temp fence needs!